History of the Faculty

In January 1940 in Ivano-Frankivsk the preparation for the first Prykarpattya higher educational institution (Teachers Institute) was opened. The Institute is housed in an unfinished premises of the trade school. However, these did not prevent the inconvenience find space for classes, and assembly, and for groups of amateur performances, which were organized immediately.

Institute was opened with three faculties, one of which was the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Faculty was relatively small (the reason is not only the lack of suitable premises, but a lack of trained applicants).

The first set of students was completed February 27, 1940, and training was began in March. In the first months of the work of faculty especially a lot of effort and energy has made by the first dean – Mykola Korol.

The war and occupation interrupted the activities of the institute and faculty. The property of institute has been completely looted and its educational building burned.

Next academic year began on Nov. 1, 1944 in the premises adapted for lectures on the street Shevchenko 30. Since 1945 held reconstruction of the main academic building of the Institute on the street Shevchenko, 57.

Faculty gradually established links with leading universities of the country and invited the best scientists and a number of new teachers, among them V. Ohronchuk, J. Roitberg, V. Didyk, N. Horodivska, G. Kareyin.

During the first twenty years of the faculty about three thousand teachers of physics and mathematics were trained. During this time the faculty created the appropriate logistics, research laboratory. The team of scientists developed an active faculty methodological activities.

In 2002 the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided into two parts: Physical (now the Physical-Technical) Faculty and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – Volodymyr Pylypiv. The new faculty is represented by six departments:

  • Department of Algebra and Geometry, which is headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Oleg Nykyforchyn;
  • Department of Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics, which is headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Roman Zatorsky;
  • Department of Mathematics and Informatics and Methods of Teaching, which is headed by Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences Natalia Kulchitska;
  • Department of Computer Sciences and Information Systems, which is headed by Doctor of Technics Lubomyr Petrishin;
  • Department of Information Technology, which is headed by Ph.D. in Technical Sciences Mykola Kozlenko;
  • Department of Mathematical and Functional Analysis, which is headed by Ph.D. in Mathematics Myhailo Kopach.

Faculty booming. If in 2002 there studied 320 students, in 2006 – 530 students, and in 2010 – 650 students. Now the department trains the following areas: mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science (daily and correspondence), statistics, software engineering.

Now on the faculty are working 10 Doctors of Sciences and 40 persons with Ph.D. title. New teachers replenish the faculty. Many of they are former graduates of this faculty. Departments continue to actively engage in the preparation of scientific personnel.

Every year the faculty carries out one or two national and international conferences, summer schools of young scientists.

Through close international links with renowned universities abroad students have the opportunity to receive both a master’s degree of our university and one of European universities.

Students of the faculty are actively engaged in the development of their creative abilities, visiting various groups by preference, produce a student newspaper, participate and win in sports. Teams of faculty repeatedly became champions University of brain-ring, “What? Where? When?” and other competitions. Every year in creative reports of student amateur activity of the faculties and institutes of the University the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics included among the best.

Today young faculty lives interesting and energetic life. It is an atmosphere of creativity and professional attitude to each case.